Friday, October 21, 2011

Autumn Leaves

I usually can't resist picking up a few leaves,now and then,during this season...Aren't they lovely?


  1. Gorgeous! I'm the same way, I pick leaves on walks in Autumn also. Just can't resist that beauty.

  2. Saw the prettiest red ones today..pure joy. Hugs for a great week.

  3. My husband and I took a drive to some property we have in the mountains and the leaves were just shining! I love this month of beauty.
    Your blog is beautiful!
    Thank you so much for coming by to leave your message so I could find you.

  4. Hellooo!
    Thanks for your heartwarming comment, today! I really needed that with all of this rain :(
    I too love to pick up leaves, berries, branches,... when my dog and I go for our walk. We both enjoy this blessed season a lot (except when it's raining! In that case, we enjoy the season indoors, in front of the fire :)!).
    Monica x