Friday, August 26, 2011


These lovely rasberries came from our garden. I have so many lovely memories about rasberries from childhood. My grandparents had a beautiful garden,most of which consisted of these lovely berries,which they generously shared with us!


  1. Love Raspberries - they're so wonderful. I have been strolling through your blog - beautiful watercolors! So enjoyed my visit,

  2. what a gorgeous photo...I want to reach right into the screen here and take a handful out and enjoy them! yummy!

    thanks so much for your visit! I'm now following.
    come by anytime!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  3. They do look Soooo good,don't they? I could go for a handful! We have a collie,and he likes to get into the berries and nibble on them,when he is given the opportunity to roam the yard.
    Wouldn't these be lovely to paint a picture of,as well?
    So glad for your visit!

  4. Raspberries are my favourite fruit my sweet friend....Nothing beats them right off the bush. xoxo

  5. Absolutely! They are so good!
    Have a wonderful evening,Koralee-nice to hear from you! :-)