Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From The Kindly Neighbor

I have a kindly neighbor, one who stands
Beside my gate and chats with me awhile,
Giving me the glory of his radiant smile
And comes at times to help with willing hands
No station high or rank this man commands;
He too,must trudge, as I,the long day's mile; And yet,devoid of pomp or gaudy style, He has a worth exceeding stocks or lands. ~To him I go when sorrow's at my door; On him I lean when burdens come my way; Together oft
we talk our trials o'er,  And there is warmth in each goodnight we say. ~A kindly neighbor! Wars and strife shall end ~When man has made the man next door his friend. ~Edgar A.Guest

      ~From a Hallmark book entitled, "For a Very Special Person", a little book that is a tribute to different kinds of friendship,Copywright 1976 ~Hallmark Cards~Kansas City,Missouri~Printed in the United States of America     

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  1. This is very good, Mum! I wish this could be said of everyone.